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The CrowdWIZ platform is developed to reshape investing and financial services, by creating a new investor ecosystem,
where investors’ power and control are guaranteed and protected by advanced smart contracts technology, utilizing
the wisdom of the investor crowd in their best interest across the variety of CrowdWIZ investment products.

  • Fully Transparent

    Thanks to Ethereum-based platform technology, CrowdWIZ brings crucial and much-needed transparency to investing and exchange of capital – a fundamental feature to ensure fairness, trust and security.

  • Crowd wisdom-based voting

    At CrowdWIZ, all asset investment opportunities and decisions are proposed and determined by the Community itself through an open, fair and technological voting process to guarantee the best investment action is taken.

  • Sustainable Ecosystem

    The sustainability of the CrowdWIZ Ecosystem is supported by the WIZ currency token, granting its owners full access and voting rights in all CrowdWIZ investment products. Token-holders are entitled to a share of the ecosystem’s profit and dividends for their investment activity.

CrowdWIZ – liberating investment and financial services through blockchain-based
voting technology. Join us and request your exclusive ICO presale invitation.

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  • WizStore

    WizStore serves as a digital outlet for partnering software engineers to develop and offer various tools and add-ons to enhance the Community’s expansion, including innovative voting and trading mechanisms, and analysis tools.

  • WizInvestment

    WizInvestment’s main goal is to make investing safer and smarter, by serving as a gateway to all investment products from CrowdWIZ. Already started with CrowdWiz Fund and CrowdWiz Exchange, the Community will expand with CrowdWiz Insurance, CrowdWiz Crypto Lending and more.

  • WizFund

    The CrowdWiz Fund is our solution to establishing individual investors’ interest as the main driving force, determining the best course of investment action. Approved token owners are able to create new or join existing funds, suggesting investment opportunities and being awarded for their activity.

  • WizTrader

    Delivering unmatched trading performance, WizTrader is a highly-advanced trading mechanism, which provides liquidity solutions by seamless integration with leading exchange platforms. The fully-automated trade execution guarantees outstanding processing speed at the lowest possible market prices.

  • WizVote

    By employing blockchain technology for the voting processes, WizVote guarantees the safety and integrity within the CrowdWiz Community, especially as it is designed to administer voting, which in turn points to the subsequent investment actions taken.

  • WizExchange

    Our self-governing WizExchange platform is a vital part of the WIZ Ecosystem, as all community members are entitled to income from listing, yearly and spread fees at the Exchange. A customized voting process allows the crowd to decide which tokens to list or remove for trading, as well as to delete assets, if fraudulent activity is suspected.

Our mission at CrowdWiz to liberate investing, by asserting individual investors’ control and interests above
else through blockchain technology and smart contracts, has seen us get close to our ICO, but goes far beyond it.
We look forward to your participation in our Presale event, where you can be one of the first to join us on
the exciting journey of transforming investing and financial services with bespoke products to make the industry safer and smarter.